Saturday, February 27, 2016

An 'artful' Saturday. :)

Wow...I can't even remember the last time I did art or even wrote a blog about it! oops.. ;).  The  business of everyday life tends to take over so often.  But I was blessed today to have some time to myself and my pastels :)

I had intended to do two cows today but this horse just needed to come out.  :)  Art is never predictable and so often not premeditated.  It just is what it is.  And today it was a horse.  

I have yet to name her, so Im open to suggestions :) 

Here she is all outlined and finished.  I imagined her running towards a sunset with the beautiful oranges and pinks dancing around her.  
hmm...maybe I'll call her 'Eventide'.

I did however get one cow done. :) I am pretty pleased with this one.  
Her name is 'Gretel'.
I see her as a stubborn old cow, that won't take any lip and doesn't put up with much. Especially from the younger cows.  She's set in her ways and doesn't mind being a bit 'different' ;)


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Vibrant Contrasts… :)

Ok…So I thought I'd do something different today ( I finally have some time to get a post up ;)

   Aside from just posting pictures of my art, I realized I don't really post anything about myself, my over interests and activities.. a lot of it is just not feeling super comfortable just sitting here writing about myself…. but I realize there might be some of you who are interested in the "artist" as well as the art itself, and what I get some of my inspiration from. :)

   For those of you who don't know, I work at an Art Gallery.  Junction Gallery in Peoria, IL.  The Gallery is owned by my Father :) (This is him wresting a huge frame together) He's owned it for 16 years (give or take) so it's been in my life for a long time :) I've worked there on and off since I was a teenager.  Even before that I would go "work" with my Dad when I was young just to be there around him and the art, mostly him. ;) He was patient enough to let me rummage through the garbage and pick out old chunks of frame that I thought were just too neat to throw away. :) I developed quite a collection at home much to my mothers chagrin ;).  I remember going out and standing next to him when he helped customers, working with them and their sometimes difficult desires to achieve "that look" and was giddy when a lady who was waiting her turn at the design table saw me standing there and asked me if I could help her.  Trying to hide the enthusiasm that I felt at being treated like a "adult" I put on the most "professional demeanor" I could muster.  She was sweet to be patient with me as my hands were not quite big enough to fan out the mat color choices as dad did.  But I'll never forget that, just a simple and patient act by a woman who I only remember had dark hair that curled at the ends. :)
   I am by nature not really a people person, but theres something about designing and helping a person pick just what they want that I really enjoy.  Maybe it's because in that act of creating theres a release, something else in me that takes over.  (not that I'm super great at it by any means, and am constantly learning more and more about what different art requires from the other woman I work with, pictured above) Theres something about creating and working with my hands that I have a deep love for.  These hands that are now quite big enough to hold the stack of mat colors ;).

   It's working with my hands, i find, that motivates the kinds of things I do.

Other things I do…hmmm :) I actually went to collage for Sign Language Interpreting.  Something  I got into from my older sister and brother-in-law, but thats another story. :)
I Interpreted professionally for four years, but decided a couple years ago to put that on hold to help my Dad full time and not just in-between "terping" jobs.  I still Interpret a couple times a week for church activities though, and will always have a special love for it, for that "creating" with my hands in a different way.

This time of year when I'm not working, I'm outside in my garden :)….Oh, how I love my garden. :} black soil in my hands, watching things grow…I still marvel every time a new little plant sprouts up, matures and brings forth "fruit" from just a small seed.
Living in central IL, I'm surrounded by corn and bean fields and NEVER get tired of seeing the vibrant contrast of the fresh "new green" color against the dark soil.

The things you see that are made out of wood, are something else I enjoy doing...



Vibrant Contrasts… hmm I think that sums up what I like to achieve in my art, that same beautiful line that is created between light and shadow.  Pastel is one of the most vibrant mediums there is and I think thats one of the reasons I'm so drawn to it.  With it, to create that which is produced when the morning sun hits (literally, sometimes I hear a "POW" ;) the earth and makes everything turn a color for which there is no name.  I see joy, peace, love and faithfulness in this, and it encourages my heart.

"For the Lord God is a SUN and shield, the Lord gives grace and glory, no good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly." Ps 84:12

So this is my way of sharing the "Sun" with you.
May it evoke thoughts that there IS One who designed and created its faithful light.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Brumbies :)

So who's seen the Man from Snowy River?? ;)  when Jim Craig rounds up the wild horses that roam the mountains known as Brumbies…thats what this reminds me of :)

I tend to make a mess….but thats half the fun ;)
It felt good to have  my hands deep in pastel after a little break.  Always thankful for any time I can devote to "Arting" ;)

I think horses are some of the most beautiful animals.  with their muscular build and flowing manes.  Theres a small part of me that wished I lived somewhere that involved riding horses, but maybe then I wouldn't appreciate them as much if I had to muck-out their stalls everyday…

Friday, March 20, 2015

Something different

I wanted to post a pastel that I did for a good friend of mine. 
She wanted and english cottage/garden with sheep and chickens, done with more "pastel tones" so not my typical bright pieces. ;)  
I have to say I was nervous about doing something this different at first, but greatly enjoyed the process! I worked on a much smaller scale then I usually do which allowed for more detail and being able to use my pastel pencils a bit more than I normally do.  

She may just have started a new trend ;) 

In return for my piece she is knitting me this sweater!!
 Im SO excited! She is an awesome seamstress!
 check out her blog!
She knits some amazing stuff!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Meet Daisy Mae Bell. :)

Hi, My name is Augusta and I live vicariously through my art… :D
If I can't own a cow I can paint one!
Call me crazy, but I've always wanted to own a milk cow. Unfortunately I don't see it happening in the foreseeable future… until then you may be seeing a lot of cows on here. :)

In the works... 

 And finished!  Recently my mom bought me a few new hand rolled pastels… oh boy are those nice! and vibrant! thats the red you see in this piece.  I will definitely be getting more of those :)
It's amazing how much smoother they are too, may have a new obsession… other than the cows. ;)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

An art afternoon. :)

I so enjoyed a much needed day of "art relaxation" ;) Ive been pretty busy lately and unable to find the time to put pastel to board.  Thankful for the chance this afternoon! 

 A little glimpse of the process courtesy of my mother. :)

This is an idea I've had for a while, I'm pretty happy with how it came out. It was a good learning experience, I tried a couple things I hadn't before. always fun :)

Because who doesn't like old fashioned water mills. :)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Letting go…

After recently attempting to do a rooster (something I've never been able to achieve…) and after frustratingly putting my attempt in the burn pile… I have officially declared myself rooster inept. :) 

Sometimes being an artist means persevering in something til its just right…other times it means letting go and discovering your own style and your own loves. 

Some of my favorite things to paint are simple things, everyday things.  Simple moments that are many times forgotten in the business of this modern and technologically advanced age.  

Of course simple doesn't mean boring ;) 

 I think the world needs more purple in it :)

 This verse came to mind the other day so I decided to try something a bit different than what I usually do. :)